Now taking Pre-Orders with Celery!

We started Go Sport Tees with a simple growth plan - to produce cities from our surrounding communities and expand from there, slowly.

We have more than 100 tees waiting to be produced, and have had requests for about 70% of those, and we would love nothing more than to fulfill orders for those city fans.

We have decided to use a pre-order service, Celery -  to allow customers to do just that. Celery is a secure service that allows customers to place an order and hold it until the tee reaches it's goal to produce. By selecting PRE-ORDER - you are helping us produce these shirts. 

Pre-Orders are all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for an order unless that tee reaches it's funding goal. It only takes 18 pre-orders for us to produce a run of that city shirt and fulfill the orders. Once the first pre-order is made we will wait 60 days to assure we hit our 18 shirt goal to produce. If we don't hit our goal in 60 days, you will not be charged and you will have the opportunity to wrangle some fellow fans to purchase the shirt again. 

We will continue the process until the goal is hit and you get your shirt! So tell your family, friends and fellow fans. Spread the word and Be a Fan!